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Consume all other cells to become the leader! Agario is a dangerously addictive multiplayer game with several unique modes. Join the worldwide free-for-all phenomenon, and play against thousands of competitors instantly! If you collide with a smaller cell, you will absorb it and grow. The bigger you are, the stronger you will become. You can also eject extra mass and split into multiple parts to outplay smaller cells. After dominating the FFA, explore Experimental mode and learn how to take advantage of spawners. For extra hilarity and popularity, you can choose a colorful skin. Look like a president, flag, or internet meme! To make even funnier, you can make you cell look like a president, flag or internet meme! When choosing your nickname, use a country name (‘USA’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Poland’, ‘France’, ‘China’, ‘Turkey’ and many others), a famous politician (‘Obama’, ‘Merkel’, ‘Berlusconi’, ‘Chavez’, ‘Hillary’, ‘Hollande’
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